Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project- Episode Two

We start the episode out with a very good question for Fav. Why did he make so many magical girls if he was just going to cut them down? He claims to have miscalculated how many girls he needs and blames a limited mana supply; however, because of what we see as the cold open in episode one, I don’t believe it.

Of course, even without that little clue, the idea that he overcompensated is strange since the girls are not fighting monsters but are just doing general hero chores or nothing at all.

When Fav is completing his announcement for the candy collection competition, you can see that some girls are ready for a good fight. Which I find completely normal. Again, these magical girls have all this power and nowhere to direct it- no monsters – the more energetic girls are bored.

While, the ninja magical girl calls Fav out, I can see why Fav is doing what he is. If there truly is a mana shortage, then it would make sense to keep the girls who work the hardest and prove to be worth spending the mana on. You don’t want lazy magical girls draining resources. It’s a good idea to help whittle down such a large number of girls.

In the middle of the episode, we get a look at Calamity Mary who terrifies everyone and we are led to believe that she has probably hurt someone before- not killed, though, based on what Top Speed says. This branches us to the fact that Fav has mentioned that magical girls can die and have possibly died before?

 Of course, because of this competition we can see that Snow White is going to be a major target in the series since she is always a top earner for magical candies. I’m interested to see how people will try and take her out and claim the top spot. She’s very fragile, and nothing like the tease we see in episode one’s cold open.

Finally, we get to see Nemurin who has the power to enter dreams and earns dream candy. Her power is very cool, and she is just adorable as hell. This candy she earns, however, doesn’t count for her overall magical candy count, so she loses the competition flat out which everyone apparently expected. Fav tells Nemu that she can use her powers until midnight, and it’s the dream sequence she enters that’s the most interesting for one bit of information- Ruler is in it.

Now, maybe the little girl saw Ruler one day, maybe Ruler is her big sister, I don’t know- but Nemu talks to this little girl after Ruler rides by in a carriage as acting princess in this French-like street. Then, everything goes black. Nemu dies at the end, seemingly because she is no longer a magical girl.

My questions at the end of the episode were, “why did Nemu die? Was it because she was still in a dream at midnight, or because she was being deleted?” and “Why was Ruler in that dream?” Ruler’s presence in the dream was very unsettling, in my opinion, but I am probably thinking too much into it.

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