Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project- Episode Three

For the first part of the episode, no one knows that Nemu died. Ripple has an inkling, but nothing substantial just yet. It isn’t until Sister Nana calls a few of the girls together that we learn that Cranberry was told that when magical girls stop being magical girls they die. This is contrasted with the wacky goings on of Ruler’s brigade while they try to get as many candies they can.

Now, throughout the episode (until Fav is confronted by everyone), not all the girls know that Nemu died. So, the wacky and almost disturbing fun Ruler’s group is having and other activities by other girls not involved with the initial reveal seems very, very out of place. Furthermore, the most disgusting thing is how those little angel magical girls act. They have very twisted personalities, but in a very slight way. They are just gross, selfish children that want to take advantage of someone else because they lack control. I really don’t like those two.

What gets me about Fav’s reveal to all the girls is that this makes the girls only think about now. Not the future. Theoretically, you can’t be a magical girl forever, so eventually you’ll have to die. Our main character is in middle school, so I understand that she may not be so focused on the future. However, we know that Nemu was in her 20’s, so it’s safe to assume there are older age ranges that would be concerned with this. What I’d like to see is a girl talking about this in regards to her future, instead of her now. Of course, she would have to be confident that she will not be cut out during the candy competition.

Ruler is very interesting in this episode, because there are points where she seems like a normal rude girl who is a little Tsundere toward her followers and points where she seems a little unhinged and possibly evil- just like the angel twins and Swim Swim (whom I’m convinced will die for Ruler later).

Well, Fav adds the option to transfer candies which I first saw as a way to sacrifice yourself for a friend. Ruler sees it as a way to steal candies. Regardless of how you use this option, it is obviously forced violence and will lead to a larger bloodlust between girls, and this is seen when Ruler launches her attack on Snow White. The basic “collect the most candies” game worked fine, so that incited this change in the rules? Was it always planned this way, or did Fav/the organization change their mind after being questioned about Nemu’s death?

That brings me to my final conclusion for episode three. I think Fav is an AI, and not the orchestrator of all this. The way he answers questions seems too programmed for him to be fully sentient.

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