Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project- Episode One

First off, I want to say that I will not call these segments reviews because I’m really not reviewing anything. I’m just going to talk about how I feel about the episode, and what I noticed. These segments will be more like me talking and theorizing with you, much like a friend would, and not offering any real critical outlook or summary on the episode like most reviews do. This does contain spoilers for the specific episode it covers. Do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

So, let’s start with the first episode of Magical Girl Raising Project, henceforth referred as MagiGirl or MGRP. The show opens and teases us with a bloody scene of a lot a of dead magical girls, a cloud monster, and what looks like our main girl in the middle of it all with a very thirsty grin on her face. We are shown exactly what the premise and description online promised- a magical girl show where they fight and die; however, there has to be a build up to this.

What I really liked was the idea of a smartphone game being a catalyst for distributing powers to girls. You get to create your own character, somehow really specific to you- probably through customizable items or even through Fav (the mascot) projecting your thoughts, if we want to extend the powers that far – and that becomes you as a magical girl if you are chosen. That’s pretty fun, and guarantees that the girls will typically like what they are wearing, too.

Obviously, this game is competitive and we can see that these Magical Candies will be used in a contest of some sort later since the girls have to collect them. These candies are already causing a little dissent, so it’s easy to assume making them a core game mechanic will cause fights within the magical girls. It does leave you to wonder why the candies were introduced in the first place, and leads you to assume that maybe Fav, or the organization controlling him, wants in-fighting to some extent.

Side note: anyone remember the chat rooms in Gatchaman CROWDS? The chat function in MGRP reminds me a lot of the chat rooms in Gatchaman:

There are two things that really stood out to me about this show. First, the main school uniforms are very plain which isn’t something you really see anymore – they are just two colored and brown. This serves, in my opinion, to help bring out how brilliant and bright the magical girl costumes are. The focus is left on the magical girl side of the show, and shifts away from school life since it’s just a backdrop.

The next stand out is that the girls are not fighting monsters, though there was one teased on the cold open. Every girl is basically acting as a vigilante, like Heroes for Hire, doing odd jobs, stopping accidents, or fighting low level crime. Why is that? Why would Fav, or the organization controlling him, create magical girls without a purpose? Is it all just to create some form of entertainment, maybe it’s simply to kill some people, or is this training for the monsters that are to come? It’s very interesting, and I really can’t wait for them to explain this.

Now, the end of MGRP’s first episode is great. I’m not one for cliffhangers, like most of us, but it’s a great set up for what we all tuned in for and it’s happening right on episode one. We aren’t going to get more time having a lot of fun and learning to be friends- there is going to be competition and possibly death in the next episode. We don’t have time to learn, understand, or even get a false sense of comfort with this world. It’s really fun.

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