Summer Season 2017: First Impressions

The summer season is well underway, and all the new anime have finally premiered! Below is a list of the anime I’m watching this season and my first impressions of each. This anime season has some great pinch hitters, and some- not so great additions to the anime universe.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Princess Principal – Episode Six

Each episode thus far has had some relative focus on one of the girls, and this round it’s time for Dorothy to shine. Since Beatrice has become the viewer’s perspective character when it comes to backstories and understanding the Albion world- it’s time for another adventure featuring the adorable Bea and a spy friend!

Thoughts & Feelings Column: The Reflection – Episode Four

With episode four comes great lengths to give The Reflection more in common with X-Men than any other comic it seems to be drawing from or homage-ing to. It’s terribly easy to call and predict, but that doesn’t make the journey there any less fun. Plus, Lisa is offering a much needed jovial attitude to counteract X-On’s continuing dismissiveness and lack of visual empathy.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Princess Principal – Episode Five

Princess Principal’s time jumping is giving me whiplash- not like the kind from a car crash, but like the kind of whiplash you get on an old rollercoaster. It’s fun, but a little painful and exhausting.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: The Reflection – Episode Three

The Reflection makes an effort to proceed with the plot this episode, but I’m still left a little confused why we are following such a stretched lead across the United States.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Princess Principal – Episode Four

Instead of residing in the past this episode, Princess Principal forces the story forward in the current present with all the girls (including Chise) in action. There’s still a fair bit of suspicion on Princess Charlotte, and Control may have an inkling of Ange’s loyalty to the princess as all dealings with the Princess’ allegiance are secreted through Dorothy.

Thoughts & Feelings Columns: The Reflection – Episode Two

Instead of moving forward with the plot, episode two of The Reflection presents us with a behind-the-scenes look at the how and why of episode one – Namely I-Guy and the attack in New York.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Princess Principal – Episode Three

Beatrice and Ange are given common ground in this episode through a mutual love of Charlotte. However, I am left to wonder if there is some dissension in the ranks and Control wishes to take out the Princess, would Ange keep her promise to Control or would Ange keep her promise to Charlotte?